Efteling presents Raveleijn

Complete experience with book, TV series, online game and spectacular park show

On 8 April, Efteling opens the magical city of Raveleijn’s doors to the public for the first time. The imposing city of Raveleijn forms the setting for a spectacular park show about five children who grow up to become riders on horseback. They need each other and their special talents to confront the city’s oppressive ruler. But people do not need to wait until 8 April to become acquainted with the story of Raveleijn, which was written by Efteling and Paul van Loon. Raveleijn can also be experienced online, on hyves, from today onwards. From 26 February, Raveleijn the Dutch TV series will be broadcast on the RTL 4 and, in March, the book by Paul van Loon will be published. A special online game goes live from 16 April.

More than two years’ work has gone into the story behind the park show, in which horses and real ravens play a leading role. President and CEO, Bart de Boer: “Never before have we presented a park show of these proportions in the open air. The show is on such a grand scale that special music has been composed for it, and this will be performed by the Brabant Orchestra. The show, which contains several sensational high-points, was developed by Efteling itself. The ominous ravens immediately set the tone for an exciting tale that, in true Efteling tradition, has a clear moral message. It is about working together and learning to use your own talents. This is the first time that an Efteling tale has been approached in such a multimedia way. People can get to know the story and its leading characters very closely, and can get a taste of them in their own homes. I am very proud of what we have built, both literally and figuratively, with Raveleijn.”

Park show: courage, talents, riders and ravens

The story of Raveleijn is the basis for a new Efteling park show, full of magic and spectacle. There will be five or six performances per day and these will feature horses and real ravens. The enormous open-air arena offers seating for 1200 visitors. The performances can also be watched from the galleries (terraces) of the restaurant ‘Het Wapen van Raveleijn’.

Facts & Figures:

Open-air arena capacity: 1200
Floor space: 1450 m2
Number of horses: 5
Cast members: 10
Number of birds: 5 ravens, 1 owl, 1 falcon
Show duration: 30 minutes
Suitable for ages: 6+


Book: Efteling and Paul van Loon join forces

As you would expect of Efteling, the city of Raveleijn has its own exciting and mysterious story. Paul van Loon, the well-known Dutch children’s author and 10-time winner of the Dutch Children’s Jury prize, has reworked the story of Raveleijn into book form (available from 19 March). The storyline also forms the basis for the Raveleijn TV series.

Drama series for television

Efteling Media has produced a 12-part drama series for television of 23 minutes per episode. Starting on 26 February, this will be broadcast weekly on RTL 4; on Saturdays at 17.00 hours and repeated on Sundays at 08.30 hours. The entire Dutch series was directed by Anne van der Linden, who is well-known for several other Dutch TV series, such as Blauw Blauw, Wilhelmina and Shouf Shouf! The teleplay was written by Sander de Regt, who also worked on the series Sprookjesboom and the movie Foeksia de miniheks. The executive producer is Jos van der Linden, who previously produced Zwartboek and De Scheepsjongens van Bontekoe. Among others, the leading roles are played by Babette van Veen, as mother Woudenberg, and Hugo Haenen, as the fiendish Count Olaf Grafhart.

Raveleijn online

From 8 February, anyone interested can become friends with the five main characters from the drama series, via www.raveleijn.nl. They can be followed on hyves, where they share their experiences during and after their move away from the big city. Once the five children reach the magical world of Raveleijn (from 16 April), the online game for children aged 8+ will be ready to play. The game, in which children can become riders themselves and help defeat the enemies of Raveleijn, is one of the biggest, free, online games that will be launched in the Netherlands this year.

Raveleijn schedule

7 February: follow hyves profiles of Raveleijn’s leading characters online at www.raveleijn.nl
26 February:  broadcasting of the Dutch Raveleijn TV series begins on RTL 4
19 March:  Raveleijn book published
8 April: park show opens in the magical city of Raveleijn
16 April:  online game goes live


The Story of Raveleijn – Where Raven Riders are raised

The Woudenberg family move from the city to an old inn on the edge of a forest. Father, mother and five children: Thomas, Maurits, the twins Emma and Lisa, and the youngest, Joost. The children discover that a great adventure awaits them in the forest. Ravens and a mysterious woman’s voice lead them to an ancient city gate, upon which a cryptic text appears: Where Raven Riders are raised.

As soon as they step through this gate, the children are transformed into grown-up riders and the ravens change into beautiful horses. They have arrived in a completely different world, which is home to the ancient city of Raveleijn. Here, Count Olaf Grafhart rules with an iron fist. He oppresses the people and makes them build monstrous creatures, with which he crushes any insurgents. These ‘Graffers’ are gnashing monsters made from iron, wood and leather, with steel jaws.

A number of residents, the exiles, have fled the city and live hidden in the forest. Together, they form the Order of the Raven. The children stumble upon this group and learn of a mysterious prophecy: Five Riders will save the people of Raveleijn. Everyone realises that they are the Chosen Five. Then they discover that all five possess special powers, based on the elements of fire, wood, metal, water and earth. After a short induction into the order, the Riders embark for the city of Raveleijn to take on the Count and his Graffers. When they eventually stand face-to-face with the Count, he has one more gigantic surprise up his sleeve. A battle to the death commences...