Drift away in the incredibly beautiful world of Dreamflight and enjoy the view from the Pagode. Laugh at grandpa’s dripping wet trousers on the Piraña and take a relaxing boat ride in the gorgeous natural landscape of the Gondoletta.

  • Baron 1898

    Baron 1898

    New in the summer of 2015: 'Baron 1898'. Are you curious about the new dive coaster? Help the mining baron and take the dive!

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  • IJspaleis

    Ice Palace indoor ice rink

    Glide, slide and turn pirouettes on the ice rink.

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  • Langlaufbaan 't Hijgend Hert

    Cross-country skiing course

    At 't Hijgend Hert' cross-country skiing course you find plenty of winter fun in the Dutch landscape.

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  • De nieuwe kleren van de keizer

    The Emperor’s New Clothes

    There once was an emperor who was so vain he spent more time trying on clothes than ruling his people.

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  • Aquanura: nieuwe show

    Aquanura: new show

    Experience Europe’s biggest water show now at Efteling. A spectacle of water, light and fire!

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  • Raveleijn


    Step inside the magical city of Raveleijn to visit the new park show: a live spectacle full of stunts with fire, water and other special effects.

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  • Joris en de Draak

    Joris en de Draak

    A dragon with power over water and fire is threatening the kingdom. The king calls upon all his brave citizens to slay the beast. Walk in the footsteps of the legendary Joris, who used his wits to defeat the dragon!

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  • Sprookjesboom

    Fairytale Tree

    He has been deeply rooted in the Fairytale Forest for years and knows exactly what the Inhabitants of the Fairytale Forest get up to...

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